The Salviati Mosaics

Elsfield church contains a series of beautiful mosaics, situated behind the altar on the east wall. The main panel shows the last supper.

The mosaics were created by the Italian Antonio Salviati (1816-1890), the founder of a glass making and mosaic company based at Murano near Venice, who installed mosaics in a number of churches and cathedrals in Great Britain. Locally his work can be seen behind the altar in the chapel of Exeter College Oxford.

In 2011, there was a fund-raising campaign for the restoration of the mosaics led by Carolyn Brown and James Lawrie of Christ Church College. The mosaic was restored by Cliveden Conservation.

How the mosaics came to be commissioned

For further information and photos, please see the mosaic pages on the

St. Nicholas Church Marston website (archive version).