1851 Census

No. Name Relation to head Status Age Occupation Where born
1 Martin Tagg Head Wid. 46 Farmer of 380 acres employing 31 men Kidlington
Sarah Green Servant U 26 Housekeeper Forest Hill
Elizah Woodley Servant U 20 Gen. servant Willenhall
Job Hunt Servant U 48 Groom Headington
2 Ann Harris Head Wid. 65 Elsfield
Joseph S Wid. 31 Ag. Lab. Elsfield
Henry S Mar. 27 Farmer of 100 acres employing 4 men and 1 boy Elsfield
William S U 26 Ag. Lab. Elsfield
Mary A. D Mar. 27 Farmer’s wife (of Henry) Staffs.
Ellen D[1] 8 Scholar (D of Henry) Oxford
Fanny D 8 Scholar (D of Joseph) Elsfield
Louisa D 6 Scholar (D of Henry) Elsfield
Mary Ann D 4 Scholar (D of Henry) Elsfield
Elizabeth D 4 Scholar (D of Joseph) Elsfield
John S 3 mths Elsfield
3 Richard Gordon Head Mar. 47 Vicar of Elsfield Glam. Lamperton
Mary H. Wife Mar. 53 Glos. Tewkesbury
Mary C. D U 16 Elsfield
Cecil Anna Knight Sister-in-law U 50 Fund holder Glos. Tewkesbury
Sarah Richards Servant U 27 House servant Devon. Radnage
Martha Stanton Servant U 19 House servant Beckley
John Bowerman Servant U 16 House servant Elsfield
4 Joseph Gibbs Head Mar. 50 Farmer occupying 418 acres, employing 16 men Horton
Sarah Wife Mar. 47 Farmer’s wife Bolscott
Elizabeth D U 18 Farmer’s daughter Horton
William J. S U 16 Farmer’s son Elsfield
Matilda Weaver Servant U 19 Gen. servant Hampton Poyle
5 John Greaves Head Mar. 33 Farmer of 420 acres employing 21 men Swalcliffe
Anna A. Wife Mar. 30 Oxford
Emma Holland Sister-in-law U 24 Oxford
Sarah Holt Servant U 22 House servant East Hendred
James Pimm Servant U 18 House servant Stanton Harcourt
6 Ann Butler Head Wid. 76 Annuitant Islip
Sarah D U 30 Farmer’s daughter Elsfield
Caroline Justice Servant U 16 House servant Beckley
7 Robert North Head Mar. 49 Ag. Lab. Elsfield
Ann Wife Mar. 46 Fieldworker Elsfield
8 William North Head Mar. 57 Gardener Elsfield
Elizabeth Wife Mar. 61 Glos. Deglingham
Richard S U 29 Ag. Lab. Elsfield
Jane D U 24 Fieldworker Elsfield
Henry Basson Grandson 7 Elsfield
9 Edward Basson Head Mar. 29 Ag. Lab. (Shepherd) Wolvercote
Charlotte Wife Mar. 24 Twyford
Thomas S 4 Elsfield
10 James Maule Head Wid. 57 Ag. Lab. Elsfield
William S U 22 Ag. Lab. Elsfield
George S U 20 Ag. Lab. Elsfield
Emma D U 17 Fieldworker Elsfield
11 Susannah Harris Head Wid. 88 Soulden
Daniel S U 48 Elsfield
12 Joseph Lock Head Mar. 42 Ag. Lab. Elsfield
Mary Wife Mar. 33 Elsfield
William S 14 Plough boy Elsfield
John S 12 Plough boy Elsfield
Joseph S 10 Plough boy Elsfield
Henry S 9 Scholar Elsfield
Rebecca D 6 Scholar Elsfield
Harriet D 4 Scholar Elsfield
Emily D 2 Elsfield
Arthur S 11 mths Elsfield
13 John Clay Head Mar. 38 Ag. Lab. Elsfield
Lucy Wife Mar. 33 Elsfield
Emma D 14 Scholar Elsfield
Maria D 11 Scholar Elsfield
Elizabeth D 9 Scholar Elsfield
Mary D 7 Scholar Elsfield
Richard S 5 Scholar Elsfield
Henry S 3 Elsfield
Sarah D 1 Elsfield
14 John Humphrey Head Mar. 69 Mason Elsfield
Ann Wife Mar. 67 School mistress Oxford, St. Michael’s
Ann Sister U 57 Shopkeeper Elsfield
15 Moses Gammon Head Mar. 43 Sawyer Warborough
Ann Wife Mar. 40 Elsfield
Moses S U 18 Sawyer Elsfield
Sarah D U 16 Elsfield
Harriet D 6 Scholar Elsfield
John S 4 Scholar Elsfield
Robert S 2 Elsfield
16 – The Manor William Herbert Head Mar. 46 Cabinet maker Oxford
Lucy Wife Mar. 45 Highworth
Eliza Bristow Niece U 18 Oxford
Lucy Simmons Servant U 19 Gen. servant Burcot
Robert Olley Servant Mar. 43 Groom Norfolk. Rumhall
Elizabeth Olley Servant Mar. 42 Cook Norfolk. Bradenham
17 James Taylor Head Mar. 35 Ag. Lab. Elsfield
Amelia Wife Mar. 34 Horley
Thomas S 6 Scholar Elsfield
Mary D 2 Elsfield
Eliza D 5 mths Elsfield
18 John Gurdon Head Mar. 65 Ag. Lab. Elsfield
Ann Wife Mar. 62 Elsfield
William S U 25 Ag. Lab. Elsfield
19 John Tolley Head Mar. 30 Ag. Lab. Elsfield
Elizabeth Wife Mar. 22 Elsfield
George S 2 Elsfield
Samuel S 1 Elsfield
Ann Mother/head. Wid. 66 Pauper/fieldworker Elsfield
20 John Gurdon Head Mar. 28 Ag. Lab. Elsfield
Elizabeth Wife Mar. 23 Elsfield
William S 6 Burnham
George S 1 mth Elsfield
21 Robert Cross Head Mar. 32 Dealer in ? Elsfield
Mary Wife Mar. 32 Hinksey
Caroline D 11 Elsfield
22 Charles Andrews Head U 16 Ag. Lab. Elsfield
23 David Durham Head Mar. 35 Ag. Lab. Elsfield
Ann Wife Mar. 34 Kidlington
Teresa D 11 mths Marston
24 William Lockston Head U 30 Ag. Lab. Elsfield
25 Richard Locke Head Mar. 36 Ag. Lab. Elsfield
Susannah Wife Mar. 34 Kidlington
Emma D 10 Elsfield
Edward S 6 Elsfield
26 Richard Taylor Head Mar. 30 Ag. Lab. Elsfield
Mary Wife Mar. 28 Fiedworker Stow Wood
27 Joseph Narroway Head Mar. 41 Ag. Lab. Elsfield
Mary Wife Mar. 35 Elsfield
William S 7 Elsfield
Joseph S 4 Elsfield
John S 4 Elsfield
28 William Smith Head Wid. 49 Ag. Lab. Elsfield
John S U 21 Ag. Lab. Elsfield
29 John Wakelin Head Mar. 43 Ag. Lab. Elsfield
Mary Wife Mar. 37 Elsfield
Mary A. D 7 Scholar Elsfield
30 Richards Ewers Head Mar. 69 Ag. Lab. Bucks. Ashenden
Sarah Wife Mar. 61 Elsfield
31 Thomas Taylor Head Mar. 88 (?) Pauper Headington
Sarah Wife Mar. 66 Fieldworker Ensham
32 John Ford Head Mar. 32 Ag. Lab. Elsfield
Martha Wife Mar. 27 Headington
Susan D 5 Headington
Richard S 4 Headington
Thomas S 1 Headington
33 John Lock Head Mar. 48 Ag. Lab. Horspath
Jane Wife Mar. 49 Laundress Headington
Sarah Mother Wid. 76 Pauper Waterperry
34 John Gurdon Head Mar. 53 Ag. Lab. Elsfield
Martha Wife Mar. 50 Stadhampton
Amelia D U 21 Milliner Elsfield
Rebecca D U 17 Elsfield
Charles S 15 Ag. Lab. Elsfield
Esther D 13 Elsfield
Vincent S 11 Apprentice Elsfield
Edwin S 9 Elsfield
Edmund S 8 Elsfield
35 Thomas Clay Head Mar. 60 Ag. Lab. Elsfield
Letitia Wife Mar. 50 Forest Hill
John S U 31 Ag. Lab. Elsfield
William S U 16 Ag. Lab. Elsfield
Jane D 15 Elsfield
36 John Clay Head Mar. 67 Ag. Lab. Elsfield
Mary Wife Mar. 65 Fieldworker Elsfield
Hannah Granddaughter 11 Scholar Elsfield
37 Thomas Croton Head Mar. 60 Ag. Lab. Elsfield
Sarah Wife Mar. 70 Bucks. Calvington. Blind
38 James Gurdon Head Mar. 28 Ag. Lab. Elsfield
Sarah Wife Mar. 25 Marston
Henry S 5 Scholar Marston
Emily D 3 Marston
Sarah D 1 Marston
39 William Narroway Head Mar. 80 Pauper/Ag. Lab. Drayton
Mary Wife Mar. 77 Pauper Elsfield
40 – Cottage in Mr Tagg’s field Thomas Louch Head Mar. 25 Shepherd Headington
Susan Wife Mar. 23 Headington
Sarah D 9 months Elsfield
Southcote Farm House uninhabited.


[1] These children are listed as daughters and son of the head of household when they are grandchildren.

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