The Flora of Elsfield in 1927



Taken from The Manor of Elsfield by George Norman Clark, M.A. of Oriel College, Oxford, for private publication. 1927.

There are 329 plants found in the parish.

Traveller’s Joy Wood anemone Meadow rue
Lesser celandine Creeping buttercup Meadow buttercup
Bulbous buttercup Great spearwort Lesser spearwort
Corn buttercup Celery-leaved buttercup Small-flowered buttercup
Water crowfoot Ivy ranunculus Marsh marigold
Red poppy Pale poppy Greater celandine
Yellow corydalis Climbing corydalis Fumitory
Hairy rock cress Watercress Cuckoo flower
Hairy bitter cress Common erodium Wood sorrel
Spindle tree Holly Alder buckthorn
Gorse Dyer’s greenwood Rest harrow
Lady’s fingers Lucernce Black medick
Zigzag cover Red clover Crimson clover
Hare’s foot trefoil Trefoil Strawberry-headed trefoil
Dutch trefoil Hop trefoil Lesser trefoil
Bird’s foot trefoil Horseshoe vetch Milk vetch
Sainfoin Meadow vetchling Tufted vetch
Bush vetch Common vetch Spring vetch
Hairy vetch Slender vetch Blackthorn
Wild cherry or gean Meadow sweet Dropwort
Blackberry Dewberry Silver weed
Cinquefoil Tormentil Barren strawberry
Water avens Herb bennet (hybrids of these in Elsfield copses) Field rose
Sweet briar Agrimony Dog rose
Burnet rose Salad burnet Parsley piert
Great burnet White bryony Crab apple
Hawthorn Marsh Epilobium Codlins and cream
Broad-leaved epilobium Knawel Enchanter’s nightshade
Purple loosestrife Rue-leaved saxifrage Golden stonecrop
Meadow saxifrage Hedge parsley Golden saxifrage
Wild carrot Hog weed Spreading caucalis
Angelica Hemlock Fool’s parlsey
Water dropwort Pig nut Rouch chervil
Shepherd’s needle Burnet saxifrage Great water parsnip
Gout weed Ivy Wild celery
Wood sanicle Wayfaring tree Dogwood
Guelder rose Perfoliate honeysuckle Elder
Adoxa or moschatel Heath bedstraw Woodbine
Lady’s bedstraw Crosswort Marsh bedstraw
Goosegrass Lamb’s lettuce Field madder
Marsh valerian Teasel Field scabious
Devil’s bit scabious Chamomile Ragwort
Groundsel Sneezewort Corn chamomile
Stinking mayweed Ox eye daisy Yarrow
Corn marigold Mugwort Feverfew
Wormwood Purple fleabane Marsh cudweed
Heath cudweed Hemp agrimony Daisy
Ploughman’s spikenard Carline thistle Butter burr
Coltsfoot Woolly headed thistle Burdock
Cotton thistle Musk thistle Spear thistle
Meadow thistle Hardheads Saw wort
Knapweed Sowthistle Cornflower
St Barnabas thistle (rare) Mouse-ear hawkweed Wall lettuce
Dandelion Ox tongue (on clay) Crepis
Goat’s beard Harebell Nipplewort
Nettle-leaved bellflower Yellow bird’s nest Corn campanula
Sheep’s bit Comfrey Monotropa (rare)
Dodder Corn gromwell Field bugloss
Viper’s bugloss Early forget-me-not Forget-me-not
Hound’s tongue Black solanum Henbane
Bittersweet Figwort Aaron’s rod
Great mullein Pointed linaria Water betony
Yellow toadflax Germander speedwell Ivy-leaved toadflax (“Oxford weed”)
Speedwell Brooklime Thyme-leaved speedwell
Water speedwell Yellow rattle Lousewort
Eyebright Bugle Selfheal
Vervain Red dead nettle Henbit
White dead nettle Red hemp nettle Wood betony
Weasle shout (yellow archangel) Woundwort Black horehound
Ground ivy Wild basil Basil thyme
Thyme Horse mint Gipsywort
Yellow loosestrife Creeping jenny Pimpernel
Primrose Cowslip Ribwort plantain
Hoary plantain Dock Sorrel
Black bindweed Pale polygonum Knot grass
Dog’s mercury Sun spurge Wood spurge
Petty spurge Nettle Wall Pellitory
Hop Wych Elm Elm
Beech Hornbeam Hazel
White poplar Black poplar Bay-leaved willow
Crack willow Osier Sallow
Alder Water plantain Horned pondweed
Epipactis Tway-blade Green-winged orchis
Marsh orchis Early purple orchis Spotted orchis
Spotted orchis Butterfly orchis Frog orchis
Bee orchis Yellow iris Roast beef plant
Black briony Bluebell Thyme-leaved sandwort
Three-nerved sandwort Knotted pearlwort Cornspurry
Sandspurry Flax Cathartic flax
Musk mallow (white flowers, Sescut Wood) Common mallow Dwarf mallow
Slender St John’s wort Tutsan Hairy St John’s wort
Sycamore Square-stalked St John’s wort Creeping St John’s wort
Horse chestnut Meadow crane’s bill Maple
Long-stalked geranium Cut-leaved geranium Mountain geranium
Round-leaved geranium Small-flowered geranium Dove’s foot geranium
Large bittercress Thalecress Herb Robert
Wild mustard charlock Whitlow grass Hedge mustard
Mithridate pepper-wort Shepherd’s purse Pennycress
Rock rose Dog violet Dyer’s rocket
White violet Hairy violet Sweet violet
Milkwort Corncockle Wild pansy
Red campion White campion Ragged robin
Water chickweed Field chickweed Bladder campion
Greater stitchwort Lesser stitchwort Mouse-eared chickweed
Barberry White waterlily Columbine (rare)
Mignonette Soapwort Yellow waterlily
Melilot Wild cherry Lime tree
Flowering rush Lords and ladies Lady’s mantle
Arrowhead Pyramidal orchis Allium
Goldilocks Meadow saffron

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