1825 list of Cottages and occupants made when rents were re-assessed for the North estate. Information came from East Kent Archives (Reference U471/E49).

Cottages at Elsfield

No. 1 Narroway: Man and wife. 4 children aged 17, 13, 10, 8.
Cottage with one chamber. The tenants are not parishioners.

No. 2 Durham: Man and wife. 4 children at home and one grandchild aged 28, 20, 18, 12, 9, 4. Rents of Lord Guilford. Have garden. One bedroom, which wants ceiling.

No. 3 Lock:  Man and wife. 4 children aged 22, 18, 12, 8. There is one bedroom occupied by the 2 sons of 22 and 18 and the two girls of 12 and 8. The father and mother sleep in a back room on the ground. There is no staircase. Another room might be made over the back room. The windows want enlarging.

No. 4 Porter: An aged widow. There is a sitting room and chamber over it. It is a wretched house in very bad repair.

No. 5 Wm North: Man and wife. 4 children aged 7, 4, 2, 1. A good cottage with one living room and one chamber, which might be extended (?) as the family increases. Rents of the farmer.

No. 6 J. Gurdon: Man and wife. 3 children aged 4, 2, 1. Good cottage. Sitting room and one chamber. Rents of Ld. Guilford.

No. 7 W. Phillips: Man and wife. Good cottage. A living room and one chamber.

No. 8 Gammon: Widower. 6 children aged 20, 17, 12, 10, 8, 4.

No. 9 Taylor: Man and wife. 4 children aged 13, 10, 7, 3. A good cottage. Living room and one chamber with three beds in it. Another chamber might be made over the house. The roof wants ceiling. Rents to Ld Guilford.

No. 10 ? Clay?: Man and wife. 2 children aged 6 and 2. Good cottage. Living room and chamber.

No. 11 Phillips: A widow and grown up daughter. The cottage consists of one room in very bad repair. A garden. No rents.

No. 12 Sneeth: Parish Clk. Widow. Mother and 3 children aged 20, 16, 14. A good cottage and two chambers and garden.

No. 13 Wakelin: Man and wife. Father. 3 children aged 6, 3, 1. Good cottage with two chambers which wants ceiling and staircase replacing

(Nos. 14, 15 and 16): These three rent of Mr and Mrs Butler(?).

No. 14 Tolly: Man and wife. 5 children aged 17, 14, 9, 6, 4. One bedroom which might easily be divided and a staircase made.

No. 15 Gurden: Man and wife and child. Good cottage and sufficient bedrooms.

No. 16 Skitmore: Man and wife and family. Not parishioners. A good cottage with sufficient bedrooms.

No. 17 Humphries: Humphries’s son and his wife have a bedroom to themselves. John Humphries and wife. 4 children ages 20, 16, 13, 8 sleep in one room. Rent of Mr Batler.

No. 18 Ford: Widow. 5 children aged 24, 16, 13, 8, 4. All in one bedroom. Cottage in very bad repair.

No. 19 Munday: Widow, married son and daughter. 4 children aged 8, 7, 5, 2. All in one bedroom which wants ceiling. Not parishioners.

No. 20 J. Clay: Man and wife. 6 children. All in one bedroom.

No. 21 R. Harries: Man and wife, grown daughter and 1 grandchild aged 11. All in one bedroom.

No. 22 Heagher: Widow, married son and daughter. 2 children aged 5 and 2. All live in one small room out of repair.

No. 23 Croton: Man and wife. Married son and daughter. All live and sleep in one upstairs room together in very bad repair. No rent.

No. 24 Maul: Widow. Lives in an upstairs room in very bad repair.

No. 25 Harrison: A blind widow lives in one room in very bad repair.

Nos. 21, 22, 23 and 24: One building called the College. Rented by the farmers of Ld Guilford.

No. 26 Richards: Mother, son and wife. Good cottage and sufficient bedrooms.

Nos. 27, 28 and 29: These tenements constitute what is supposed to have been formerly the Vicarage Houses.

No. 27 Cross: Man and wife, married son and wife and 1 child. One bedroom. Cottage in bad repair.

No. 28 Moby: Man and wife. A living room and bedroom in very bad repair.

No. 29 J. Harris: Man and wife. A living and one bedroom in bad repair.


Parish School

There are 12 children put to school by Mrs Oglander and there are 8 more which want education. 2p a week is paid for children who read only and 4p by those who are taught to work.

Sunday School

Mrs Oglander contributes £2 and the Clergyman has usually given £1. All the children of the parish may attend. There is a great want of books at the Parish School.

The Clerk’s son proposed to be apprenticed by subscription.
The footpath from Oxford stopped without permission from anybody.
Application from J. Clay for a ?


Rents according to new leases commencing 5th April 1825

Tenant names A.R.P

(acres, roods and poles)

Annual rents


John Butler 242 acres 280.0.7 219.18.0 300
William Butler 385 acres 357.1.27 350.0.0 440
Samuel Tagg 330 acres 335.3.27 300.0.0 400
Richard Holley 220 acres 151.3.23 200.0.0 290
£1065.18s.0d £1438
John Gurdon 63.16 acres 38.0.0
Mrs Jane Oglander 7.2.29 21.0.0
John Weyland Esq. 28.0.8 15.0.0
John Beckley (Fishery) 5.0.0
The several cottages 22.17.6
£1234.0.39 £1191.15s.6d
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