I have read quite extensively over the period of this research, and include a bibliography for anyone who may wish to read further.

– Mavis Curtis

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Original documents:

Held at the Oxfordshire Records Office:

PAR 94/9MS/1/1 – Notebook containing historical notes and memoranda of the parish
PAR 94/14/1D/1 – Lease of school property
PAR 94/14/C1/3 – 25 letters between Rev. Gordon and Col. North, 11 Jan 1871 – 25 Aug 1873
PAR 94/1/R3/3 – Register of marriages, 1837-1970
PAR 94/1/R52 – Register of burials, 1813-1993
PAR 94/13 and PAR 94/13/F1/1 – Coal Club Accounts
PAR 94/13/F1/1 – Coal Club Accounts, 1835-1957
PA R94/13/F1/2 – Bank Book of Coal Club, 1950-57
03/2/44/A1/2 – Committee Minutes of the Women’s Institute, 1927-33
03/2/44/A1/1 – Minutes of the monthly meetings of the Women’s Institute, 1920-1937
03/2/44/A2/5 – Minutes of the monthly meetings of the Women’s Institute, 1938-1949
T/SL – 22 Parochial School Log Books, 1881-1955
Churchwarden’s Book
AV/PLU/A1/01 – Minute Book of Headington Board of Guardians

Held at the National Library of Scotland:

Inventory account 11628, Second Baron Tweedsmuir, Correspondence and papers concerning Elsfield manor 1932-94

Held at East Kent Archive:

U471/E49 – Papers concerning the Elsfield estate from the North archive

Held privately:

Minutes of the Social Club
Farming diaries of Keith Bradford




My grateful thanks to Keith Aldridge, Mo Aldridge, Keith Bradford, Sue Bradford, Richard Brown, Michael Clarke, Jill Dewhurst, Michael Dewhurst, Faith Garson, Audrey Hambidge, George Hambidge, Michael Haynes, Ruby Haynes, Ann Matthews, Lynn Morin, Richard Morin, Arthur Phipps, Pat Smith, Kate and Paul White, Dorothy Wilford.

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