1891 Census

No. Name Relation to head Status Age Occupation Where born
1 – Elsfield Rd. Hill Farm James Fenemore Head M 47 Farmer Bucks. Oakley
Alice Wife M 50 Waterperry
John S S 23 Farmer’s son Oakley
William S S 22 Farmer’s son Oakley
Anice J. D S 21 Farmer’s daughter Oakley
Lucy D S 18 Farmer’s daughter Oakley
Thomas H. S S 17 Farmer’s son Elsfield
Lizzie D S 15 Farmer’s daughter Oakley
George S 14 Scholar Oakley
Frances E. D 10 Scholar Oakley
Grace F. D 9 Scholar Oakley
2 – Elsfield Rd. The Vicarage Thomas Langhorne Head M 65 Vicar Scotland
Jane Wife M 58 Congleton
Agnes Firmstone Niece S 17 Worcs. Hagley
Sarah A. Carter Servant S 17 Cook/dom. servant Preston
Ann Cordery Servant S 20 Dom. servant Littlemore
3 – Elsfield Rd. John Brown Head M 39 Farmer Piddington
Alice A. Wife M 34 Hordley Wootton
Mildred A. D 4 mths Elsfield
Elizabeth A. Bulford Visitor S 32 Hordley Wootton
Louisa A. Reynolds Servant S 17 Servant Piddington
4 – Home Farm James H. Parsons Head M 38 Farmer Elsfield
Ada M. Wife M 32 Sandford on Th.
Edith M. D 11 mths Elsfield
Thomas M. Cousin S 28 Farmer Waterstock
Fanny Bull Visitor S 30 Farmer Shipton on Stour
Emily Hobcraft Servant S 22 Dom. servant Deddington
Esther E. Clinkard Servant S 14 Nursemaid Littlemore
5 Henry Gould Head M 39 Gardener/dom. servant Rowington, Worcs.
Ann Wife M 30 Wroxton
Thomas S 12 Scholar Broughton
Leah E. D 10 Scholar Broughton
John S 8 Scholar Broughton
Fred. S 6 Scholar Elsfield
Mabel D 5 Scholar Elsfield
Annie D 2 Elsfield
Hewins S 4 mths Elsfield
6 Thomas Basson Head M 46 Ag. Lab. Elsfield
Emma Wife M 49 Islip
Gertrude D 10 Elsfield
William T. S 8 Elsfield
Maud E. D 5 Elsfield
Henry Langstone Lodger S 30 Groom/dom. servant Beckley
7 Thomas Louch Head M 66 Ag. Lab. Headington
Annie D S 25 Headington
8 John Gammon Head M 44 Gen. labourer Elsfield
Mary Wife M 38 Elsfield
Daniel S 12 Scholar Elsfield
Frank S 8 Scholar Elsfield
9 John Narroway Head M 45 Gen. labourer Elsfield
Sarah Wife M 36 Elsfield
Ethel East Step daughter 10 Scholar Adderbury
Minnie East Step daughter 8 Scholar Lincs. Everton
10 Thomas Taylor Head M 46 Ag. Lab. Elsfield
Elizabeth Wife M 34 Elsfield
Richard S 11 Ag. Lab. Elsfield
Mary D 9 Scholar Elsfield
Emily D 6 Scholar Elsfield
Alice D 4 Scholar Elsfield
11 James Caterer Head M 60 Gardener/dom. servant Wheatfield
Mary Wife M 67 Barcote
12 Ann Gammon Head Wid. 80 Elsfield
Moses S S 58 Gen. lab. Elsfield
William Elston Son-in-law M 52 Whitchurch
Harriet Elston D M 46 Dressmaker Elsfield
Ethel Elston Grandaughter 8 Scholar Elsfield
13 – The Manor House Herbert Parsons Head M 69 Banker Oxford
Louisa Wife M 65 Essex, Stratford
Mary J. D S 36 Elsfield
Herbert J. S S 34 Banker Elsfield
James Barrett Servant S 55 Butler Bloomsbury
George Fryer Servant S 18 Footman Liverpool
Arthur Adam Servant S 21 Groom Little Milton
Eliza Birch Servant S 34 Cook Salop. Grafton
Alice Ridgard Servant S 39 Ladies’s maid Kirk Langley
Elizabeth Clarke Servant S 60 Housemaid Toot Balden
Emily Palmer Servant S 39 Laundress Wootton
Emily Heston Servant S 23 Under housemaid Littlemore
Elizabeth Sadler Servant S 20 Kitchen maid Alcester
Anna Allam Servant S 17 Scullery maid Stanton St J.
14 James Taylor Head M 75 Ag. Lab. Elsfield
Amelia Wife M 74 Otley
Harry S S 34 Ag. Lab. Elsfield
15 Charlotte Basson Head Wid. 64 Twyford
William Rendall Lodger M 26 Groom Woodeaton
Edith Rendall D M 26 Elsfield
16 Charles Newall Head M 34 Ag. Lab. Stanton St J
Mary Wife M 32 Marston
Thomas S 7 Scholar Stanton St J
Albert S 6 Scholar Woodeaton
Alfred S 4 Scholar Noke
Lizzie D 3 Marston
Emily D 11 mths Elsfield
17 George Smith Head M 24 Ag. Lab. Headington
Annie Wife M 25 Barton
George Wm. S 3 Barton
Florence D 10 mths Elsfield
18 Mary Wakelin Head Wid. 70 Bletchingdon
John Saunders Son-in-law M 36 Ag. Lab. Chilton
Mary D M 40 Elsfield
19 James Payne Head Wid. 46 Shepherd Hants. Crondell
Rosina D S 19 Haseley Heath
Charles Payne Father Wid. 77 Andover
20 Sydney Shepherd Head M 55 Carter/Ag. Lab. Wheatley
Elizabeth Wife M 56 Chislehampton
21 David Durham Head M 76 Ag. Lab. Elsfield
Sarah Wife M 81 Elsfield
Deaf and dumb
22 Letitia Clay Head Wid. 93 Forest Hill
Sarah D S 65 Elsfield
23 Henry Withers Head M 63 Ag. Lab. Stanton St J
Eliza Wife M 53 Gt Milton
Ada D 11 Scholar Elsfield
24 Mary Faulkner Head Wid. 53 Woodstock
William S M 31 Gardener/dom. servant Kidlington
Emily Daughter-in-law M 27 Claydon
Mary D 14 Gen. servant Elsfield
25 Joe Shepherd Head M 33 Ag. Lab. Elsfield
Eliza Wife M 36 Elsfield
Eliza D 3 Elsfield
Sarah Lockton Boarder S 31 Laundress Elsfield
26 Thomas Merry Head M 31 Farm labourer Beckley
Sarah Wife M 29 Cowley
Sarah D 4 Forest Hill
William S 3 Forest Hill
Thomas S 1 Elsfield
William Merry Brother S 17 Farm labourer Forest Hill
27 Joseph Heath Head M 41 Coachman Rix
Emily Wife M 45 Sayncombe
28 Alfred Clements Head M 29 Gamekeeper Kent. Cobham
Eliza Wife M 29 Bishopstoke
Elizabeth D 1 Elsfield
29 Mary Locke Head Wid. 78 Blackthorn
30 George Dennis Head M 45 Cattleman Sporshalt
Charlotte Wife M 44 Uffington
William S S 21 Ag. Lab. Sporshalt
Charles S 16 Ag. Lab. Sporshalt
John S 13 Ag. Lab. Sporshalt
Damus S 11 Scholar Elsfield
Annie D 8 Scholar Elsfield
Henry S 6 Scholar Elsfield
Fred S 3 Elsfield
Gertrude D 1 Elsfield
31 – Field barn Thomas Weaving Head M 57 Farm labourer Beadesleigh
Elizabeth Wife M 60 Ferry Hinkley
32 – Field barn John Harvey Head M 27 Farm labourer Shutford
Sarah Wife M 21 Farthincot
33 – Forest Farm Thomas Dennis Head M 34 Cattleman Sporshalt
Sarah Wife M 34 Lillery
Joseph S 12 Scholar Sporshalt
Lucy D 10 Scholar Beckley
George S 8 Scholar Elsfield
Harry S 5 Scholar Elsfield
Beatrice D 3 Elsfield
34 – Suscot Cottage George Henry Head M 53 Farm labourer Horton
Anne Wife M 52 Stanton St J
Fred S 15 Farm labourer Beckley
Martin S 14 Farm labourer Beckley
Louisa D 8 Scholar Forest Hill
Rose D 6 Scholar Forest Hill
Ernest S 5 Scholar Forest Hill
Deaf and dumb from birth
35 Alfred Shipley Head M 29 Farm labourer Brill
Caroline Wife M 28 London
Helen D 5 Scholar Elsfield
Joseph S 3 Elsfield
36 – Schoolhouse Elizabeth Stringer Head S 33 Elementary schoolmistress Oldhill
Kate Basson Boarder S 14 Pupil teacher Elsfield
37 Joseph Dale Head M 35 Ag. Lab. Stoke Lyne
Elizabeth Wife M 34 Fritwell
Florence D 14 Scholar Fritwell
William S 10 Scholar Elsfield
Ursula D 8 Scholar Elsfield
Ernest S 3 Elsfield
Ivy P. Jones Visitor 4 Beadesleigh
38 John Ford Head M 74 Ag. Lab. Elsfield
Martha Wife M 68 Bullingdon

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