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In this section there are over 100 pages giving a detailed history of Elsfield. In particular there is a lot of information about the 19th and 20th centuries.

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For anyone with an interest in the village’s 20th century history, Carrier’s Cart to Oxford: Growing up in the 1920s in the Oxfordshire Village of Elsfield by Mildred Masheder will be of interest. John Buchan’s Memory Hold the Door, William Buchan’s John Buchan: A Memoir and Susan Tweedsmuir's A Winter Bouquet also have interesting insights into Elsfield life. David Weekes has written a monograph 'ΧΡΙΣΤΟC ΝΙΚΗΣΕΙ On John Buchan’s Grave' published in 2010.

Original documents stored at the Oxfordshire Records Office are sometimes quoted and referred to
thus: PAR 94/9MS/1/1
The 1825 document listing the inhabitants is from East Kent archives, reference U269/E49.
There is a full bibliography giving the names of authors and books consulted.

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