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Stu Cazzoni (Naples, Italy)
very interesting page. kind regards
Daniel Dendy (Elsfield, Oxford, England, United Kingdom)
Very interesting and entertaining to learn all about my home village.
Malcolm (Welwyn)
Just visited this site and notice comments made by Alison Foster regarding the marriage John Bridges of Drayton St Leonard where the roots of my family stem. Would be interested to hear more.
Deana Decker (New York, USA)
Very interesting site. My Great Great grandfather and grandmother Thomas John and Mary Ann Berry are listed as living here in the 1881 Census. He is listed as a gardener. They left for Canada in 1884. Any info about their time in Elsfield would be appreciated.
Angie Smith (Cowley Oxford)
Interested in the Allams Elstons and Gammons of Elsfield
Jo Paige (Wantage Oxfordshire)
My mother Lesley lived in Elsfield as a child with her parents - lawrence and Gertrude - just seen a picture of them in the gallery. Came to visit Elsfield a couple of years ago to look at the mosaics in the church. since then Mum made contact with Rosie lane - who unfortunately died a couple of years ago. Lovely to look at the pictures.
Judith Brand (Brightlingsea Essex)
Brilliant site, my father was William Hambidge, brother of George so I know the area quite well, and remember when Mr & Mrs Hambidge Snr were living in a cottage at Sescut. My mother and aunt worked at the Manor during the time John Buchan was there, their father was also a gardener there at some point.
Patricia Hanks (oxfordshire)
What a lovely site. I lived at Sescut Farm from 1954 to 1958ish! Then in Last Cottage Elsfield until about 1963. My maiden name was Burt. I was friends with Rose Pinker, Lesley Chandler, Rosie Lane, The Beddings, The Jones and Fred Maltby. Also the Willis' and Lois Watts. Also the Benson girls, daughters of the Vicar.
Rebecca Comley (Brown)
My parents used to live at Post Box cottage in Elsfield, I had two brothers Mark and Darren Brown, my parents were called Shirley and George. i only lived there for until i was 2 years old. We were and still are friends with the Bradfords, who used to run the farm. and also Mrs Sandford who used to live next door to us. i can still remember going up to play with Sally, Vicky and Phillip Bradford when i was a little girl and enjoy looking at the animals on their farm... that was the good old days.
Leah Chandler (Vancouver, Canada)
I just read the article of my meeting with Lady Tweedsmuir, and I do want to give thanks to the Elsfield archivist, for being instrumental in seeing that my story will be shared with anyone who is interested in learning of the kindness of this very nice Lady to a little girl.
Speaking of kindness, my family and two very dear friends were welcomed into the home of two villagers where we all spent a most enjoyable afternoon, before being taken to the gravesite. We are all so appreciative. My Grandson was thrilled to see his picture, and is so happy people all over the world will be able to see him in England.