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19-11-2018 16:18
Rachal Gerrard (Oxford) asked
Could you tell me what the stained glass windows depict especially the two smaller ones that run on the south eastern wall (answers: 0)  answer this  
28-08-2017 9:09
Marian Weadick (Elsfield 1700s) asked
I have research my family tree & found a Richard Puffat or Puffett who married a Mary Smith in 1713 in St Mary Magdalen Church Oxford & said they lived in Elsfield. They are my 7 x grand parents (answers: 0)  answer this  
23-09-2015 23:26
Amy H (Oxford) asked
Dear Sir/Madam, I'm searching for a location which overlooks Oxford spires to photograph the blood moon eclipse over Oxford background. What would be your recommended place in Elsfield for such shot? Thank you for your help. best Amy (answers: 0)  answer this  
30-05-2015 14:14
Angie Smith (Oxford Cowley) asked
Hi I have had a lovely response to the census of Elsfield with the connection to the Gammon family who lived in Elsfield. I was wondering if anybody has photo's of Harriet Gammon or the Elstons they could show me which arn't already on you Elsfield page? Many thanks Angie (answers: 0)  answer this  
21-09-2014 8:22
John Davidson (Stirling) asked
I hope to visit Elsfield next month , during a visit to London . How can I travel by public transport from London to Elsfield , please ? During my visit I hope to see John Buchan's grave and Elsfield Manor . Are there any other places of interest to a JB fan , please ? (answers: 0)  answer this  
16-07-2014 13:48
Ann Cooper asked
Hi I have just visited your website and was most impressed. Clearly your village is very proud of its long history, and that is the reason I am contacting you. I have come across a letter dated April 1944 from Fred to Ann talking about hand milking the cows at Forest Farm. Just a one page note but I wondered if anyone there would be interested in having the letter for the archives? If so, please let me know. Regards Ann Cooper (answers: 0)  answer this  
03-05-2014 0:49
jane woods (herefordshire) asked
Do you have any information on a lady called Joan Emma Phipps. She's a lady suffering from dementia who lives in our residential home and often talks about growing up in Elsfield and working as a land girl during the war. Was just wanting some information so we could recall events with her. Many Thanks (answers: 0)  answer this  
18-04-2014 9:52
Tim Ault (Elsfield) asked
Just testing to see if this is working. (answers: 1)  view answers | answer this  
03-02-2014 13:11
Jackie Bennett (Norfolk) asked
I am researching a book on writers' gardens and would like to make contact with the owners/management of Elsfield Manor (for the Buchan connection). I would be grateful if you could put me in touch with someone who can tell me more about the gardens and if they can be visited. I am looking for gardens that could be photographed this spring or summer for a forthcoming book. many thanks for your help Jackie Bennett (Author: The Writer's Garden, Frances Lincoln 2014) 01366 328606 (telephone) (answers: 0)  answer this  
07-12-2013 20:23
sally willis (Elsfield) asked
do you have any information on the willis family who lived on forest farm before 1965 i am married to philip willis who's father gordon alfred willis died 19th february 1962 aged 27 is buried in your church yard they also had links with 2 thatched cottages elsfield many thanks (answers: 0)  answer this  
29-10-2013 18:33
Martin Wainwright (Thrupp, Oxfordshire) asked
Hello and thanks for a terrific website. The historical material is quite brilliant. I just wondered if the Manor or its grounds are ever open - I've been reading assorted books about Buchan, hence my interest. All warm wishes (answers: 0)  answer this  
23-05-2013 16:12
Simon Marchant (Loch Tay, Perthshire, Scotland) asked
My grandfather, Thomas Cast, was Lord Tweedmuir's Valet for many years. He travelled with Lord Tweedsmuir throughout Canada when he was Governor General. He is referred to, quite incorrectly, as James Cast in the biography of John Buchan by Janet Adam Smith. I would be very interested to know if there are any records, at Elsfield Manor, which refer to my grandfather? (answers: 0)  answer this  
15-05-2013 22:18
Anne Wiltshire (Australia) asked
Hello Was Charles Hastings, Clerk at Elsfield - known to be there in 1635 as a party to a Lease. Believed to be at Yelford OXF when he passed away between March and May 1637. I have checked with Elsfield OXF and their parish records do not go back this far. They have kindly suggested I contact your parish. With thanks Anne Wiltshire (answers: 0)  answer this  
12-05-2013 23:16
David Weekes (Kilmany, Fife) asked
Dear Elsfield Historian, I think your Elsfield Village web-site is splendid and full of interest - many congratulations to those responsible. I have two questions (1) Please can you give me 'chapter & verse' for the anecdote about Mabel and Dorothy Chaulk working at the Manor in the 1930s? I whether it comes from the unpublished Deneke, Helen. What Elsfield Remembers. 1956, which perhaps in your keeping? Are there any other reminiscences in that about John Buchan and Elsfield Church?(2) Would you consider including in your Bibliography my monograph 'ΧΡΙΣΤΟC ΝΙΚΗΣΕΙ On John Buchan’s Grave' published in 2010 ISBN 978-0-9565501-0-1 ? Many thanks for any help you can give me. (answers: 0)  answer this  
24-04-2013 21:23
Anne Wiltshire (Australia) asked
Hello Could anyone provide help me details for a Charles Hastings, Clerk at Elsfield - known to be there in 1635 as a party to a Lease. Believed to be at Yelford when he passed away between March and May 1637. With thanks Anne Wiltshire (answers: 0)  answer this  
08-03-2013 22:59
Deana Decker (Hurley, NY USA) asked
My great great grandfather Thomas Berry and his family is listed in the 1881 Census as being the gardener in Elisfield. On your site it is family #6 written as Thomas Merry. Do you have any information regarding him or his family. Thank you. (answers: 0)  answer this  
07-02-2013 19:23
Angie Smith (Cowley Oxford) asked
Hi I contacted this site quite a few months ago. I received a reply which was very welcome. Just wondering as the message I received said that there was going to be a photo of Harriet Gammon put on the site? I would be very interested to see this photo if it is available or indeed any of the Gammons of Elsfield Many thanks Angie Smith (answers: 0)  answer this  
28-03-2012 22:20
angie smith (Oxford) asked

Hello I am the Great Grand child of Harriett Ann/Annie Gammon who resided with her Grandfather Moses Gammon in Elsfield with William and Harriett Elston Nee Gammon. I wonder if anybody had any information on any of these people particularly my G.Grandmother who I am trying to trace the death place of. It is believed she emigrated to Australia without her children.Also where did they live in Elsfield and is it still there?

Thank you

Correction Moses was the son of the house hold.Ann Gammon was Moses's son and My Harriett Ann/Annie was her grandchild


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