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Movement In and Out of the Parish


The change in the percentage of people moving into Elsfield from other places accelerates as the 19th century progresses to a quite striking extent. In 1851, a third of the population was from outside the village while this had changed to a half by 1901.

There appear to be certain jobs which were occupied by newcomers to the village. The duties of agricultural bailiffs and gamekeepers, people who policed the estate, were undertaken by people from outside the village and these people moved on after a relatively short time. Shepherding also appears to be a job which entailed mobility. In the 1871 census, for instance, shepherd Henry Higgins had lived in Warwick and Kidlington before moving to Elsfield.

The one carpenter mentioned in the censuses, who may have worked on Herbert Parsons’ extension to the Manor, had also moved around the country.

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