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Movement In and Out of the Parish

Special skills

The need for special skills may have resulted in people moving into or out of the village. William Daw, for instance, a carpenter, had moved round the country and stayed in Elsfield for only a few years. He is mentioned in the 1881 census but not after that. His wife was the school teacher so it is possible that they moved here because of her skills rather than his. This seems unlikely, however, given the social mores of the period.

Changes in farming practice

There must have been an increase in the number of sheep grazed in Elsfield in 1861 since the number of shepherds was five, and by 1891, when Herbert Parsons at the Manor had bought Forest Farm, the number of shepherds was down to one while for the first time there were two cattlemen, increasing to three in 1901, showing that Forest Farm, which housed the cattlemen, was being used for cattle rather than general farming. Whether this was dairy or beef cattle we do not know.

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