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Charles Firman (Canada)
I made an entry some time ago but it apparently didn't register.
My Grandfather (also Charles Firman) was born at Elsfield Manor in the late 1800's. His father was the butler.
If anyone has any info from this period it would be greatly appreciated.
Carol Derisi (United Kingdom)
I am looking forward to visiting Elsfield as my great great great grandparents lived there in the 1800s. Their names were Joseph (born in 1809) and Mary Lock and they had 14 children. I am descended from their daughter Matilda who was born in 1854 and married Thomas Stopp from Islip.
Becky (United Kingdom)
WALKER, Joseph was a Gamekeeper in Elsfield in 1861. I believe him to be my great great grandfather. 

I am assuming he was a Gamekeeper on the Manor estate, but I am not sure. Is anyone able to advise?

Many thanks
Ellen Bauer (Canada)
God Bless you all for your part in restoring/maintaining the Elsfield church. Thank you for putting the pictures & history online. A family of my ancestors were baptized & married in that church & no doubt buried on the grounds. I'm sure they would be pleased to know that their place of worship is still cherished & cared for. May your efforts be blessed.

Are there any descendants of Anthony Clay & Elizabeth Roberts among the current parishioners?
william john buchan (Canada)
my interest is self evident in my name

just read the presbyterian cavalier and thought
i'd search on elsfield

might visit someday
Vicky (United Kingdom)
Nice site! I came here through browsing for John Buchan stuff, as I'm a bit of a fan. I went to his school in Glasgow, where, of course, we proudly read The 39 Steps, and I'm now a student at Oxford University - not at Buchan's college, Brasenose, but living within a stone's throw of it. I must come and see Elsfield one day.
Tony Dowland (United Kingdom)
I live in Winchester (Hants) and I recently met a
man from Seattle USA. He has connections with your
village and in anxious to trace his family history
(surname : WADLEY). Is that name known to you? Will
the Church have any Parish records I might consult 
on his behalf? He understands that there is a place
named "Wadley Hill" in or near Elsfield.

Would appreciate any help

Regards - Tony Dowland
(0962) 881874
Mark Brown (Oxfordshire)
it is nice to find that there is a sight for
the village that i come from.I used to live in post
box cottage (next to mrs sandford) for the first nine
years of my life.I can just remember the post office
and the school (38yrs old).I love the place greatly
and visit it and beckley (my school) every once in a while.
You are very lucky people to live in a place like this.
sarah shaw (Elsfield)
wonderful website! A friend of ours sent us this piece of information about Elsfield- It made me wonder if we could paste bits like this together to make a local history? I'll try and fish out what Boswell has to say on Johnson's visit. 'Thought you might like another scrap of Elsfield history. Second World War poet Keith Douglas (1920-44), letter to Toni Bennett, October 1939: 'So I thought to myself ah, I'll go for a walk to see about the riding at Elsfield, and then when I come back there'll be a note waiting for me. So here I come, very tired of walking...' , ed. Desmond Graham, (Manchester: Carcanet Press, 2000), p. 84. Douglas was a keen rider.'
Dr Diana Leitch (United Kingdom)
My gtgtgrandfather Robert Boddington Harris was christened in your church in March 1817. His 7 brothers and sisters were too as the Harris family seemed to live there from about 1786. He married Jane? from Oakley, Bucks and my gtgrandmother, Ann Harris, born 1843 was also christened in your church. The family then seemed to move to Sutton Courtenay where Ann married my gtgrandfather, John Bridges, who came from Drayton St Leonard. They moved to St Helens in Lancashire in 1873 so that he could work in the chemical industry which was developing there. Their descendents are mainly scientists who live in the NW England.
Are there any Harris gravestones in your churchyard and any other descendents of this family that you would know of? I hope to visit your village sometime and I think the website is delightful.