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Alison Foster (Oxford)
In response to a very old post, from Dr Diana Leitch, I can confirm that her Gt Grandma Ann Harris (bapt 1843) in Elsfield, did indeed marry John Bridges of Drayton St Leonard. John is my 1st cousin 4 x removed. Ann died in the March Qu of 1900, in Runcorn Cheshire. Her father, Robert Boddington Harris married Jane Mortimore, of Oakley Bucks, and the Harris' finished their days in Sutton Courtney.
I had the pleasure of visiting Elsfield churchyard when I was researching my husband's family tree, and strangely coincided with the anniversary of one of their deaths. I returned a few days later and place a single rose on the grave. It was an honour to remember Elsfield's past residents, and to ensure they were not forgotten.
Mary Bridge (grantham)
my great grandmother Mary (Edith) Cox worked as a housemaid at Elsfield Manor during the 1890's. Any record of her would be appreciated.
Roger Sweet (Oxfordshire)
In my retirement I am travelling round Oxfordshire villages to take photographs. I havent visited Elsfield yet, but I hope to soon as I can.Good to see you have a village website. Many villages dont!
Mary Warner (Simmonds)Mansell (Oxfordshire)
to Christine Hatt: my email as follows was returned- 

Just visited the website and viewed your request; my mother
Kathleen is 91 and grew up there until 1940, she remembers 
the 'gentleman farmer' Jonny Hatt at Church Farm: he had 
2 sons- Mervin, a doctor, and one who worked for Reuter; 
and 2 daughters- one (Gladys) married a Dutoit...
the other was named Eileen.

any use?
beverly briscoe (United Kingdom)
my great grand mother lived and worked in elsfield her name
was francis gemima beckett taylor burns it was great to b
eable to see where my great grand mother lived her nick name was fanny gemima
Derrick Mutton (United Kingdom)
I visited Elsfield last summer, I wished to get a feel of the place as my mothers people had come from here in the 1790's Their name is Mobley and they worked on the Sescot Farm. I found Elsfield very quiet and peaceful. Regards Derrick Mutton
Nicola Topsom (Canada)
My maternal grandmother, Kathleen Mary Simmonds, nee Warner, was born in Elsfield.
david toon (United Kingdom)
trying to find any information about my wifes father,he sadly
died while she was still a baby.the only information we have got 
is from her birth certificate. his name is gordon alfred willis
he lived at 2 terrace cottages elsfield and he was an excavator 
driver ,he died around 1962,my wife and her mother moved to nottingham
soon after the death.we think he may be buried in the churchyard at elsfield
thank you 
david toon
zurrik (Netherlands)
Great people. We have a marvelous time.
Geoffrey Clark (United Kingdom)
I saw mention of the name Ellsfield in Boswell's Life of Johnson. It seems to have lost an L along the way but appears as beautiful as ever.